Frequently Asked Questions


What is Team LRF?

Team LRF is a community of individuals dedicated to supporting the mission of LRF.Volunteers from accross the country plan or participate in various fundraising activities, withproceeds benefitting LRF. Team LRF members can participate in LRF hosted events; joinendurance challenges; or come up with fun and creative ways to mobilize networks

How do I raise money?

Create a personal fundraising web page, where you can upload photos and share your story about your fundraising efforts. Make sure to include a link to your page when emailing family and friends to solicit donations and when promoting your fundraising efforts on your social media pages. Friends, family, and members of your community can visit your page and make donations, and you can easily track your fundraising success.

Can I plan a fundraiser without signing up for a personal fundraising page?

Yes, while we recommend using the Fundraise Your Way online platform to make soliciting and tracking donors and promoting your fundraiser easier and more accessible, we understand that this is not for everyone. For more details, or to request information on how to fundraise for LRF offline, please contact us at (646) 465-9104 or

What do I do with money raised offline

Click here for the printable donation form to include with your donations. Your name and your fundraiser name are automatically included, so friends and family just need to fill in their information and send in the form with their donation. All checks should be made payable to the Lymphoma Research Foundation.

Mail donations to:
Lymphoma Research Foundation
Attn: Fundraise Your Way
Wall Street Plaza
88 Pine Street, Suite 2400
New York, NY

What is a Matching Gift?

Many businesses will match or double donations one of their employees gives to charity. Ask your company about its matching gift program, and don’t forget to ask friends and family who donate to check with their companies too. After making a donation, employees can obtain a "matching gift" form (usually within the HR department) which asks their corporation to match the donation amount they made individually to the same nonprofit. The form is mailed to the nonprofit to complete and then sent back to the corporation. For more information on matching gifts, please contact us at (646) 465-9104 or

Does LRF have merchandise available for my fundraiser?

Unfortunately, there is no LRF merchandise for purchase. However, we do have promotional materials, including informational brochures about lymphoma and the Foundation, that we can send to you to display and/or distribute at your fundraiser. To request these complimentary promotional materials, please contact us at (646) 465-9104 or

What is the difference between the LRF's fundraising platform and other third party fundraising websites?

We provide a customized and printable donation form for donors who wish to donate offline and mail their donations directly to LRF. Once we receive these offline donations, we can upload the dollar amounts to your personal fundraising page so that the posted amount of total funds raised on your page reflects both online and offline donations. Another benefit to using the Fundraise Your Way site, is that 100% of the funds raised on your Team LRF fundraising page go directly to LRF. Other third party fundraising sites take a percentage of the funds raised to cover their costs before sending the donations to LRF.


Can I use the Team LRF and/or the Foundations' logo and name on promotional materials?

Please review our policies and procedures on our website for detailed guidlines on the use of LRF’s name in conjunction with your fundriaser. To request our logo, please contact us at (646) 465-9104 or

Does LRF cover the insurance for my fundraiser?

No, LRF does not insure Team LRF Fundraisers. It is the responsibility of the organizer to procure the necessary insurance coverage, licenses, and permits, and that they are compliant with all relevant legal requirements. Such documents must be in the name of the Team LRF event organizer.  LRF assumes no financial or legal liability associated with Team LRF fundraisers and is not responsible for any resulting damage, loss or injury.

Does LRF cover any costs for running my fundraiser?

No, LRF will not provide financial assistance and will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by the event. LRF shall be entitled to 100 percent of the charitable portion raised by the Team LRF event. This amount is equal to the total proceeds less any direct expenses generated by the fundraiser. In the event that multiple charities are being supported, please ensure it is clear on all promotional materials.All net funds should be submitted to LRF within 30 days after the conclusion of the event. In you cannot meet the deadline, please contact LRF.

Note: It is recommended that you keep a detailed, accurate, and up-to-date accounting record of all event proceeds and disbursements. To assist you with planning your expenses, please review our Budget Template.

Can LRF help me set up ticket sales for my event?

LRF is unable to support online ticket sales for third party fundraising events. The Event Organizer is solely responsible for the event promotion, registration fees, and sale of tickets. Net proceeds from registration fees and ticket sales can be donated to the Foundation by making an online donation to the event, mailing a check, or bringing the funds in-person to the New York office.


Who acknowledges my contributors?

Every online donation will receive an automated email acknowledgment from LRF that can be used for tax purposes. LRF also encourages event coordinators to send their own personal thank you note to anyone who donates to their fundraising efforts. When you log into your account, you will be able to see a list of donors who have contributed. Please be aware that LRF can only acknowledge direct gifts. If participants would like to be acknowledged by LRF for their donation, they must donate directly to the Lymphoma Research Foundation.

Can I be reimbursed for my fundraising expenses?

LRF cannot reimburse you for any fundraising expenses. To keep your event expenses low, we suggest asking local businesses and vendors for in-kind donations in exchange for free advertising on any promotional materials for your fundraiser.

Who acknowledges in-kind donations?

LRF does not acknowledge third party in-kind donations, e.g. raffle items, auction items, goods or services, venue space, ect- for tax purposes.

Is there a fee or fundraising requirement associated with participating in the Team LRF program?

There is no registration fee or fundraising requirement for joining Team LRF. We suggest you set a realistic goal for your fundraiser, and increase your goal each time you meet it. Team LRF is grateful for all donations and no fundraising effort goes unnoticed.


If you have any additional questions, please contact our Team LRF Coordinator, Claudia Becerra, at (646) 465-9104 or