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Stu Rum Runners Team LRF

Stu's Rum Runners - The Southernmost Marathon

Stuart Eisen lost his battle to Lymphoma in May 2018 but he was known to live his life to the fullest and Key West was a place of boundless joy for him. October 6th was an important milestone for the Eisen family as they returned to Key West to run a combination of long distance races in honor of Stu. Stu’s Rum Runners raised over $8,500, which was more than four times their original goal! Impressed? Not only did everyone finish their respective races, but Rona and Tracey also placed for their age group. Thank you Stu's Rum Runners - you're an inspiration!


Dianne C. - Lymphoma Research Ride

"Facing the battle with cancer is one we can not do alone. My message to you is to allow others to join you in the battle. Every step I took, I found there was someone right in step with me; family, friends, medical experts, lymphoma.org, and even people I had never met. Join me on the ride to take us further down the road to removing lymphoma from our futures together!" -Dianne



Vera B. - Fundraise Your Way: Swim-a-thon

"A little over two years cancer-free from Hodgkin's lymphoma, I'm excited to fundraise for LRF for the third year in a row — this year by swimming thirty miles in sixty days at my local community pool. Fundraising for the LRF has been such an empowering, positive experience, and an important part of my post-cancer emotional healing process. This year, it's a personal health fitness challenge, as well, to get stronger and more healthy." -Vera

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